Plan A Movie Date With Your Love And Make It Special

Kamis, Oktober 16, 2014

Going on a movie date with your girlfriend would be a memorable outing. A first movie date is something that is always remembered. If you are taking your beautiful girl friend on a beautiful movie date, then this article is for you. Today, let's discuss few tips on how to prepare you for a wonderful evening. If you are a girl then the first thing that you must consider is dressing up accurately for the evening. There is famous English saying that says the first impression is the last impression. To make your first impression heavy on your boyfriend, you must dress subtly. Do not overdo your make up, keep it simple. The dress should be also perfect. Sunny dress with floral prints would be best for an afternoon date. If you are going for an evening or night show then stick to white shirt and blue jeans or something similar. Jeans and shirts or tees work best for men too. Men can also opt for casual shorts with tees. To complete your look, do add a statement bag and perfect footwear for the occasion.

Where to find the perfect dress for a movie date

Shopping for perfect movie date attire would not be a major deal. Little bit of patience and you'll find your dress. Visit your nearest market place. Casual clothing's are easy to find. The other best place to find your perfect movie date clothing would be at online stores like Nordstrom. Online stores stock the best of clothes at discounted price. You can make a little bit of online research and pick those free Nordstrom coupons which will give you heavy discounts on your shopping bag.

Complete your look:

Girls specially would agree with me that no look would be complete without a perfect bag, accessories and of course the perfect footwear. This stuff's when added to simple dress can add stars to it. It is very important that your accessories don't overshadow your dress. Movie date is not parties, so the dress and accessories should be more casual. Online stores these days stock the best of accessories. You can get some really cool; branded bags, footwear's and other accessories at really low prices.

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Select the best movie for your first movie date

If you are going on your first movie date then select a movie that doesn't have too many love scenes, because they may make you feel awkward. Stick to a simple movie that is humorous and fun. It is always wise to ask your date which movie he/she would like to view. If both have an interest for suspense thrillers then go ahead with it.

Dress accurately and keep a beaming smile on your face, this would surely make your date keep waiting for a new movie with you. Plan a movie date today and make it a memory that would be cherished for the rest of your life.

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